13 August 2012

Hi. We meet again!

I don’t have any idea to name after this text. Because I don’t have any idea to write somethin’ but still I wanna write something. Hahaha

Well, during this week I’ve learned something about Grateful. How many times do you grateful to God? I’m telling you, I’m not a kind of holy girl or something like that. I still do many sins. But I do really wanna change myself to be better. Sometime it’s hard  to say Thank you. I don’t need your agreement because I do believe all of you agree with me.I have a lot of dreams, many big dreams. One of them is to be an internasional singer. Can I be one of the Famous singer in this world?? (YES I CAN)

I need to confess to you guys that, Sometimes I get jealous with all my friends. They can do anything they want to do like buy many stuff they want, have a boyfriend, hang out every time with no schedule in their heads. I can’t do all of that great things. I still have to think about my money to buy the thing I want like The DVD from my Favorite singer. You know, it only costs a very cheap price, 100 thousand rupiahs, but still I have to think about 1 month to live. I’ve already earned my own money, Though I know that the money they used is from their dads, but it seems injustice for me. You know, I have read my Bible everyday, I have prayed in an extra hours more than them, I can sing very well, I can play some instruments like guitar and Piano, but.... it seems that God don’t give me a feedback. Still many Desires but seems just in my imagination.

However day after day I knew, God has His own time for me. Maybe He wants to shape me  to be an undefeated girl,with a tough character on me. So when the wind blows very hard through my life, I won’t fall, but I’ll stand still and look ap towards Heaven and say “Thank you Lord.”

So from now on I would rather say Thank You to God everyday, then I will wait and see The mighty hand of God bless me.

How about you? Have you already given Him your Grateful today?


Falling In Love

Hello guys. I just wanna share something with you.

Have you ever felt falling in love? Do you know how it feels?

I know it. I have ever felt that, but I’ve never felt the way like this before. Everytime I hear his name, my heart is beating so fast. I almost happy more than what I’ve ever felt before. Even though he is not here, I still happy when I hear his name. He is handsome, he can play the instrument, I won’t tell you what instrument he play, because all of you will guess and know him. He is tall and has great character. He loves children.

Honestly I began to love him at the first sight I met him.  


Do you know? I still doubt with my feeling. I’m still affraid. You know, that I still a little bit traumatic with my past. I had ever had a boyfriend when I was in the second grade ‘till the third grade in my highschool. Moreover that boy failed me many times. He broke my heart, since then, I’ve been promised to myself that I wanna have a man not a boy. Maturity character in him, like patient, dedicated just to me as his girl, The most important is he has a deep relationship in God, Knows about God well.

I’ve locked my heart and gave the key to God, So He will give it to the right man in His time.


But you know the man I met is different I think. Yeachh but I don’t know. Still I’m asking God about this. I don’t wanna let my heart be broken by someone again. It was really hurt.

So, what I feel this time is great but I also still careful to what people call as Love.

I don’t wanna say that I’m falling in love but my heart say so. Therefore guys, you can guess what is in my heart now. See you! 

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