Josh Witaker Morgan

In this cloudy day, when I looked up to the sky, I remembered one moment, the moment that changed my whole life. The moment that could make me feel something called Love and Lost at one time. The moment which happened 4 years ago when I met him, Josh Witaker Morgan. I would tell you this story, but promise me not to cry. You could believe me or not but trust me this was real.

It was really cloudy, seemed the sky wanted to cry immediately. Well, as usual I was waiting for my dad to pick me up from the school that day. It was 4 P.M and I was all alone. All of my friends and teachers had already gone home. I sat on the bench at the school lobby. I didn’t know why, my dad seemed forget to pick me up. I had been waiting for about thirty minutes, the rain had fallen so hard, but he didn’t come out yet. Then I tried to call him.

“Hello Dad.. Where are you??” I have been waiting for you thirty minutes ago!” I screamed to him.

“Oh.. Hi honey. I’m really sorry. I still have a meeting with my friends here. So perhaps I’m gonna ask you to go home by yourself.” He spoke cheerfully.

“In this cloudy day?” I asked.

“Yes. I’m sorry honey. See you around...” Cuck. He closed the phone.

Then I went home. I walked to the door of the lobby. However I suddenly stopped when I saw the rain. I didn’t dare to move further because the thunder and the light were spooky. I just stood there without any reaction. After that, I felt something approached me. I felt goosebumps all over my body. “Hello, what is this,”  I said. I looked at my back and−


“You....!! Do you want to kill me?” I screamed.

“Hey... Calm down girl. ”

“ Who are you?” I asked – feeling annoyed.

“You don’t need to know who I am. I’m just a student like you. Do you need a ride?” he asked me.

“Well yes, but I won’t go with you if you don’t mention your name first. Beside I don’t know who you are!”

“Alright. My name is Josh Witaker Morgan. I’m older than you. You can call me Josh. That’s it. I saw you here since an hour ago, and I concluded that you might need a ride. By the way, what is your name?”

“My name is Melody Rachel. Nice to talk to you Mr. Morgan.”

 Well, I didn’t like to say hello or talk to stranger, but in this case I might need to say Hello to him. I needed a ride. That day, I decided to go home with Josh. We had a little chat on our way home.

“So, what grade are you now?” I asked.

“I’m older a year than you!”

“I have never seen you before.”

“Well, you can find me in Basketball team, School band and student body. How could you close your eyes to see such a really famous and great man like me?” He said boastfully.

“Hello....? Wake up and smell the coffee sir! If I’ve never seen you before, How could you call yourself as a famous person Mr. Morgan??” I spoke sharply. He just smiled with a really sweet smile carved on his lip. Afterward we continued our trip to my house. He took me right in front of my house then he went away.

The next day at school, I asked my friends about someone named Josh Witaker Morgan. However none of them knew about him. Maybe it was because he was our senior. Well, I was a little bit afraid but I didn’t take it for a granted. Honestly, Josh was really handsome. He was nice. Ever since that day, Josh always offered to ride me home. I was happy to be with him. None of my friends knew that I was getting closer to him. It was because he always came to me when I was alone. Day by day, the flowers of love grew between us. I began to love him. Until one day, he said something that I really wanted for a long time. That day we were sitting on the bench in the garden.

“Rachel?” He called me.


“Do you see the white rose and the dove over there?”

“Yup. What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Ehmmm. Have you ever heard a story about it? About a white rose that love a dove?” He asked.

“What kind of story it would be? Is it possible?” I turned my head and looked his face. He lifted his head back down and took a breath deeply. Then he lifted up his head, saw me and said,


“Rachel.. I’m gonna tell you this story. This is one of my favorite story. Listen to it carefully. Well, one day there is a white rose which is falling in love with a dove. The Dove also loves the white rose. Then officially, he decides to tell the white rose that he loves her, so that they could be a couple. However, when he declares it, there is a sadness on her face. She sad because they can only be together, if the white rose can change her color into red. Afterward the dove thinks, what will he does for his love one. Then He gets the anwer. He cuts his wings and pours his blood to the white rose body. Now the white rose has turned into red. She is really happy. However unfortunately, the dove dies because he is loosing so much blood. The dove is willing to sacrifice himself against the nature law to be with his love. Eventhough he is dead now, I believe that the blood on the white rose body is the sign of their love. Afterward the white rose lives in courageous life even after the dove leave her.” Josh stopped talking then suddenly he got down on his knee. He brought out a ring and proposed me.

“Rachel, now... I want your answer. Would you be my white rose? Would you be my destiny?” I cried directly after he did it. Then I held his hand. Well, honestly, he was cold, seemed that his hand was cold like a dead man, but I ignored it. I anwered him,

“Josh, you know that I couldn’t say no. You mean so much to me. I love you. Well, yes. I would be your destiny. Forever. Yes, Forever.” We huged each other. He caressed my hair intimately. I was so excited and happy. It was really fast, we had known each other just for about three weeks then we became a couple. I loved him very much. From that day, Everytime we met, he never forgot to say “I love you”. He also always brought me a bouquet of white roses. Unfortunately, it didn’t take a long time.

One day, I was at the Library because I had to finish some assignments at school. It was about 6 in the evening. After one hour, suddenly Josh came to me. He brought me a bouquet of white roses. That roses was the last roses he gave to me. He looked sad.

“Honey, how are you?” he whispered.

“Hi, I’m better than ever.” He laughed then said,

“I come here to tell you something.”

“Wait. Why do you so sad? What’s wrong?” He caressed my hair as usual. He touched my cheek and looked at my face for a while.

“I have to go somewhere.”

“Somewhere? Where will you go? Do you want to leave me?”

“No. I do not want to leave you. You know how much I love you, right? It’s just.... I must go somewhere. I must go to a place where you cannot go now.” He cried. His tears went down heavily.

“Thank you for all the things that you have done. Now I want you to have this. This is my journal. Find out about me further. Read this after I go. Through this journal I want you to know  that I love you very much. I want you to know that I’m exist. I want you to remember that I will always be with you.” He huged me tightly.

“Will you coming back? How could I live without you?”

He held my hand and told me, “Honey, do you remember the story I told you? Promise me to always be the white rose that live in courageous life even after the dove leave her. Okey? Could you do it for me?” I knocked my head. He kissed me on my cheek then he disappeared. I was still confused at that time. I didn’t know what Josh mean by going to a place where I couldn’t go now. I thought about it for a while but then I tried to think positive. I wiped my tears and tried to smile.

However, Not more than five minutes, my friend Ama came to me. She told me that she had known about someone named Josh Witaker Morgan. I laughed at that time. I told her that Josh was my boyfriend and was there about five minutes ago. Ama couldn’t talk and she was shocked. Then she said to me that Josh was dead a month ago. Afterward she mentioned the date he died. That date was exactly as the date when I  met him at the first time, when he took me to my house in that cloudy day. I was really shocked. Ama told me that Josh was dead because he had a car accident at 6 P.M. Then I read his journal. At the last page he wrote something that made my tears fell.

“Dear Journal, I stop driving my car these minutes just to write something. This afternoon, I rode a girl to her house, named Melody Rachel. And you know what? I think I’m falling in love with her at the first sight. I promise that I will make her as my girl. And I will never stop ‘till I get her. If I die today, Then I will still chase her ‘till I get her.”

After I read his journal, I was in tears. He was so real. He really kissed me and held my hand today. I couldn’t believe it. I got up from my chair and ran outside. It was raining and was really dark. I passed through the rain. I screamed and called his name but nothing answered me. I was dissapointed. I had never felt something called love before, but could you see that? When I almost got that Love, it was gone too fast before I had a chance to hold it. I sat on the ground in the middle of the rain. I cried to God and asked him to take my Josh back. Then the rain suddenly stopped. I heard a voice through the wind that whispered to me, “I love you Rachel. You have to be strong.”

The next day Ama and I went to his grave. I bought a bouquet of white roses and put it on his grave. However, throughout what had happened to me, I was still grateful to God that He still gave me a chance to be with Josh. Eventhough, He was in Heaven now, but his presence was real. Josh Witaker Morgan was the one who made me could feel Love and Lost at one time. I loved you Josh. I would be your white rose forever.

Stefani Ekky


Hello Dear Friends.. I wanna tell you a story.
It's a ghost story. It's inspired by a friend of mine.

In a spooky night, there lived a boy. He was about 19 years old. He was alone at that time because his family was in the other town.

Since he knew, He was alone, then he decided to go to bed earlier. He didn't want to think about something else, a ghost or its friends. Moreover, according to the legend, His house was a place to kill a beautiful girl. That beautiful girl was murdered by his own father. The previous owner before His family left the house, because they said they had been disturbed by that beautiful ghost.

It was 10 in the night. When he was about to go to bed, suddenly there was something passed through his door so fast. "O o....", He said.
"What is that", he thought. Then his body began to goose bump. When he tried to lay on his bed and about to put on his blanket, that shadow passed again. " It can't be ghost,"
He decided to wake up and went to the kitchen to take a knife or something to survive.
After he got to the kitchen and sat on the chair, he took the knife and held it in his left hand. Then he also took an egg and put it on the table.

He waited for about 10 minutes. And what he thought was right. The ghost appeared again. But this time, she appeared physically. Suddenly, She appeared in front of him. He rose up his head and saw her face. Then.... It was an event in disguise. The ghost suddenly said, "Hello handsome boy! I like you. And Congratulation You successfully win this show. You are playing the game in The Unreal Ghost TV Show".
"What??? But one think you must know weird ghost! I don't like you!"
Then he threw an egg on her face. And she went to call all of the crews and his family.
" You are so mean boy! Your family is the one who should be blamed. They wanted to test your fear! But anyway, You have a right to have 500 dollars because You have won. Congratulation once again."

Since that tragedy, The boy concluded that the real Ghost will appear if you hold a knife in your left hand and put an egg on the table.

Hahahahaha. Weird story isn't it??

Stefani Ekky


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